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If you could hang out with one fictional character for one day, which char would you want to hang with?
What if Batman existed in the Marvel Universe all his life and it's vice versa with Captain America?

What would happen if other Batman characters have always existed in the Marvel 
Universe and vice versa with Capt. America's characters in the DC Universe?  

How different would certain story lines like "Knightfall" be if they still take place in their 
respective universes, but would just involve other  chars who're in each others' universes?
Would things turn out great for/with certain characters in the DC and Marvel 
universes or not? And If it's the former or the latter, explain why.  

Note: This scenario won't start out with a Crisis event, each chars' canonicities can be based on any comic book incarnation of themselves
(even if some only appeared in flashbacks), characters that are blood related to the ones on the lists will also be swapped unless they can't
for some reason, locations that were in their respective universes' cities will be placed in different ones (example being Wayne Manor now
residing in New York), Bats and Cap's backstories will be slightly changed to have different chars be responsible in some way for turning
their lives upside down, the swapped characters will have always lived in each others' universes, each comic book incarnation will make
their first debut at the era they originated from and this whole thing will takes place in-story.  

Also, no Batman and Captain America counterparts in either of the two universes which includes Earth-616 Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond),
Nosferata, General Glory, The Defender (Don Stevens) and others (as well as no counterparts of both the Bat and Cap supporting cast).

Here are some characters that'll be in each others' universes on the list below.  

DC Universe  

Captain America characters:  

Captain America (Steven "Steve" Rogers) 
Bucky ("Bucky" Barnes) 
Golden Girl ("Betty"/"Betsy")
Josef Reinstein/"Josef Reinstein" 
Michael "Mike" Duffy 
Heinz Kruger 
Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)  

Marvel Universe  

Batman characters:  

Batman (Bruce Wayne) 
Robin (Richard "Dick" Grayson) 
Julia "Julie" Madison 
James "Jim" Gordan 
Haly/Haley (male; head of a circus)
"Boss" Zucco 
The Joker
You can prevent that from happening by calling your congressperson about this.…

Or chip in by giving ten dollars to help make the internet a free one (or one close to it).…

Or just let 'net users know the up and up (and have them do the same with others).
If you of you wanted super powers, know how to get them and be able to get them, what type of powers would you want to have?
listened to you? If that's the case, I understand. That happens to me a lot.

Well, okay, it's actually the case concerning a few people in my life.

They don't really take my word on some things and that annoys me.

Thought, I admit, at times, never do take their word on anything they say either. So, it wouldn't make me better than them. Yeah.

Anyways, are there people in your life that annoy you because they don't listen to you? If so, what do you to get them to hear you out?
during 9/11/2011, I'll pray you. All of you.

In this world, people have different opinions on any and everything (be it nature, animation, holidays, etc).

Some opinions are valid, some are far fetched and others are somewhere in between.

People who have different points of view aren't inherently evil, good or what-have-you for having them.

Some are just misinformed, some indoctrinated, others have understandable reasons for them.

But, some opinions can be swayed. And although, some will have to do things differently to convince others
that their opinions are quite logical, still, there's a chance that some opinions can be swayed.

If there is someone who doesn't agree with anyone's view points but their own, as well as explain why they don't,
other person will be understanding on why they don't and carry on with their lives.

There are those who would argue constantly with each other to get the other to see things from their
point of view. Even going so far as to yell, demean and use physical violence over them. And not just
the person they've develop a deep hatred for. They'll also do so with anybody who agrees with that

If anyone realizes their mistakes they've made during the discussions or arguments then then they'll
come to regret their actions...and maybe learn from their mistakes so as to not repeat them again.

And maybe, just maybe, that person will also come to the other person he'd mistreated and try to make amends with them.

Whatever you opinion might be on anything (whether it has to do with comics, commercials, movies or anything else), remember, different people have different views. And whether or not you can sway anyone to see things your way, above all else, don't do anything you'll regret later.

This is something that a Minecraft user named MirceaKitsune posted on the Minecraft forums.


I just saw those articles in a post. I was shocked to say the least, and decided to post this on several forums I frequent so the word can be spread.

In summary, all major American ISP's are implementing a system to spy on their users in order to police copyright infringement. There was no legal debate let alone any discussion with the users, and this decision was simply taken and will be applied starting 1 or 12 July. Users considered to be infringing copyright will be punished in several ways... such as their internet being cut off, selective websites being censored, their bandwidth being lowered, and if the offense is repeated users will be constrained to go to special copyright lessons to be allowed on the internet again.

I believe that this is the worst attack initiated against internet users in the US, worse than what SOPA and ACTA were meant to be. If what's said about this initiative is true, something worse than SOPA is already being put in practice starting next week. It's clear that the government and / or Hollywood have started another backroom deal, this time asking ISP's to pretend they've taken the decision on their own so they could censor the internet without any debate in the house or senate (which as proven by SOPA would not pass).

I couldn't begin describing how horrible and surreal this is after what I read. It will be used to cut users off the internet, and even worse to purposely humiliate them in spite (copyright lessons required to access the internet, and lowered data transfer rates as punishment). It will also be used to spy on any website you access, and for the first time in the history of America you will be completely watched by your ISP. They might even be able to read private emails you send / receive. Those are unspeakable practices which could only be imagined in countries like Libia or North Korea.

I don't believe I need to point out that users will not be punished for real copyright infringements only, but false negatives will exist and be heavily abused. Technically, if your ISP believes you are stupid for accessing a website they don't like (which they can now spy on) they may easily invent a claim and cut you off the internet without being questioned by anyone. This will obviously be used for censorship on political subjects and worse too.

Every internet user needs to act urgently, more than they have for SOPA / PIPA last winter. If this decision is not undone, I'm even expecting riots to take place. I'm also hoping that major websites like Google or Wikipedia will do another blackout in awareness to this. At this point I strongly support a criminal investigation to see who's behind those unprecedented attacks on internet users, and believe someone needs to be sentenced to prison for both this and what happened with SOPA.

The only thing I ask of everyone is to please re-post this and spread awareness immediately! We need everyone to know about this fast, so we can have time to protest and / or sign petitions against it. Lets hope this can be stopped before the unthinkable happens, otherwise there will no longer be internet for most of us.